Information Technologies

About Us

SMART PLUS is one of the leading companies in the ICT technology consulting and engineering markets in Serbia and the region. Why? Architecture and methodology for ICT have been our passion for decades. With more than 200, mainly international, successfully completed projects, scrum certified leaders and project management certified professionals, we can proudly say that we are proven experts.

We at SMART PLUS pursue a holistic ICT consulting approach that probes deeply into the strategic, technical and organizational aspects of our clients' companies' operations.

SMART PLUS is your "ICT & Digital Project Company" – we manage your projects from sketch, through implementation to maintenance.

Our Mission

SMART PLUS can provide sole, vendor -independent, customer-focused consultancy services on information and communications technology (ICT), or we can, in close collaboration with the clients' IT team, come up with complete tailor-made IT solution based on agile and lean principles.

We help our customers define which platforms, software and data strategies best suit them, both at the enterprise and project level, and develop highly specialized business case modelling services for their ICT solutions.

Our Values

SMART PLUS is led by a top notch management team with great experience and deep understanding of working in complex operations environments.

We know what it means to be on the other side and the sort of service a client expects. We are focused on ensuring that our values are not just words and that our team always delivers to our clients' requirements.

Whatever the problem and whatever the time, we have the knowledge and facilities to get the job done – and to be able to deliver on this promise we ensure that our solutions are best of breed and our teams are highly qualified.


SMART PLUS aims to develop solutions with clean designs that guarantee a high-quality user experience. We provide simple solutions to complex business needs. We focus our strengths in several distinct areas:


Server clusters, virtualization, storage management and OS support - present the basis for deploying sound IT infrastructure. Our expertise and experience in the design & deployment of systems and platforms guarantee that we can provide our customers peace of mind by providing that all business critical applications are running on secure and resilient platforms.


Routing, switching, network security, monitoring & management - the network is the core of any IT environment, supporting business processes and empowering the organization to grow and adapt. We design complex, secure and resilient networks, and deploy and integrate Unified Communication systems, delivering complete solutions including IP voice, video, email, IM and presence.


Firewalling & Intrusion Prevention, Application Control & Data Loss Prevention, Encryption & End-Point Protection - businesses need to ensure a 360 degree protection.
In today's complex environment, safeguarding assets while maintaining flexibility and lowering total cost of ownership is of the utmost importance.


SMART PLUS has a wide experience in a variety of project management methodologies. We specialize in building business-critical applications based on reference architectures, frameworks and tools that have been successfully deployed in many real-world customer scenarios.


Strategic direction and agile management are gaining importance constantly. A renewed focus on customers, people, processes and technologies calls for new analysis, design and implementation methods, both in business and ICT.

We help our customers shape their enterprise ICT structures to create business models, processes, platforms generating value in the digital world. Customization, integration of existing core systems, new security policies, multi-channel aspects, and massive data capturing are just some of the many strategic aspects which we cover when we start building a new ICT platform for our customers.

We design simple and elegant solutions, based on business understanding and insights into the needs of the stakeholders.

In today's digital era, we are obliged to extend the notion of SW & HW engineering to a fully integrated ICT user experience and we strongly believe that when we succeed in this – a satisfied customer is guaranteed.


SMART PLUS, with our alliance partners, has made a strong global commitment - to develop capabilities & provide seamless solutions that give our customers the strongest technological, competitive and strategic advantages.

We bring together technology products and innovative expertise from the best-of-breed suppliers, delivering our customers the benefit of everything the industry has to offer. Our combined solutions are founded on our alignment around industry expertise and complementary offerings; open, industry standards; collaboration and leadership.


Tax Administration, Serbia - Modernization of IT infrastructure for Tax Administration

Year: 2013
Equipment: Lenovo, EATON, Legrand
App. value: € 2.100.000
Supply & installation of 3.232 workstations. Modernization & reconstruction of the network-information & energy infrastructure

National Employment Service, Serbia – Building of the IT infrastructure

Year: 2013
Equipment: Lenovo
App. value: € 680.000
Delivery and installation of 900 Lenovo ThinkCentre workstations on 123 locations

The Agency for Environmental protection, Serbia - ICT Equipment & SW for National EIONET system

Year: 2010
Equipment: Dell, Canon, HP, Telegartner
App. value: € 1.400.000
Supply & installation of IT equipment, installation & configuring of optical network on and between 65 locations in Serbia

The Ministry of Education, Albania - ICT equipment for Computer Laboratories in primary schools

Year: 2008
Equipment: Acer, Xerox, Canon
App. value: € 3.800.000
Supply and installation of computers, printers, scanners, UPS's and installation of LAN & power network infrastructure for elementary schools on 665 locations in Albania

The Ministry of Education, Serbia - IT equipment for projects in vocational education & employment

Year: 2007
Equipment: IBM, Lexmark, Locally assembled PC's
App. value: € 3.640.000
Supply and installation of IT equipment on 523 locations

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, Serbia - Modernization of the IT infrastructure Investor: EAR

Year: 2006
Equipment: Cisco, Telegartner, IBM, APC, Lexmark
App. value: € 1.340.000
Complete replacement of old IT infrastructure with new networking equipment & structured cable systems on 207 locations, Supply and installation of IT equipment for local police stations

ICT equipping of Serbian state institutions, Serbia

Year: 2006
Equipment: Lenovo, IBM, Cisco, Lexmark, APC
App. value: € 5.700.000
Supply and installation of ICT equipment for a number of Serbian state institutions - Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education, National Employment Service, ... The equipment was installed at 495 locations

National Employment Service, Serbia - Modernization of the existing IT infrastructure

Year: 2006
Equipment: Lenovo, IBM, Lexmark
App. value: € 700.000
The modernization and reinstatement of the existing IT infrastructure including the supply and installation of new workstations, servers & storage systems, and printing system at 149 locations in Serbia